Apr 30 2012

Just a few FAQs for the WISCA All-State Banquet this Sunday, May 6th:

What is the Banquet format?
The All-State Banquet format is as follows:  Welcome, Dinner, Introductions, Special Thanks, Parade of All-State Athletes/Schools, Service Awards, Athlete/Coach-of-the-Year Awards, Closing (usually runs until 4:00 PM).
What is the appropriate dress for the Banquet?
There is not an official dress code for the All-State Banquet, but usually student-athletes, parents and coaches come well dressed.  Male coaches often wear a sport coat.
Do the coaches need to speak and if so, what do they need to say?
During the parade of All-State Athletes/Schools, teams will be called up alphabetically to the podium.  At this time, athletes and coaches will come up on stage.  Coaches will be handed the microphone and a manila envelope of certificates.

Suggested talking points for coaches comments:
1) Indicate your name and coaching duties
2) Indicate what high school you are speaking for
3) Make a brief comment about the team
4) Mention each of the all-state honors of the student-athletes in attendance. Swimmers/divers not in attendance do not need to be mentioned.
5) For seniors recognized, it is always nice to let everyone know where they will be attending college and if they will be swimming or diving in college.

What happens if team members are present but our coach is not?
Either the student-athletes can introduce themselves or one of our Executive Board member coaches can introduce them. If someone is introducing them we ask that something is prepared ahead of time with talking points 4 and 5 above.

What time is registration/check-in?
Registration/check-in is from NOON to 1:00 PM.

Is there assigned seating?
No, it is first come, first serve for seating.

Do swimmer/diver/coach-of-the-year award winners need to speak?
No, these award winners only need to come forward to receive their award.  We do although need a photo of the award winners with their awards after the banquet.

Are Academic All-State athletes attend the banquet?
Due to space constraints only the Academic All-State athletes that happen to also be all-state swimmers or divers attend the banquet. 

If you have a question that you think should be added to the list, please send an email to wiscapresident@gmail.com.