May 14 2010

Start Clinic Brochure (296kb)


Coach Matt Wunderlin has developed a start faster than the traditional track start;  the two foot, leaning start which has become known as the Orca Start.  Coach Wunderlin has given a presentation on the start at the NCAA Division 1 Swimming Championships and has had articles featured in American Swimming magazine.  Coach Wunderlin is consulting on a starting block designed around the Orca Start for the 2012 Olympics bid.

The Waunakee Orcas of Wisconsin Swim Team and Coach Matt Wunderlin will be hosting the Orca Start Clinic for coaches and their swimmers, featuring the Orca Start and the prototype starting block designed for the 2012 Olympics.  Coach Wunderlin and the WOW swim team are looking for feedback on this program and the block therefore the fee for this offering of the clinic is a nominal $5.  Please see the attached brochure for further information on Orca Start Clinic.  Space is limited so please promptly reserve your spot to become part of this innovation that is being talked about so much in the swimming world.


Tammy Amundsen

WOW Swim Team