Feb 11 2023

Let's start with D1

Middleton clearly established themselves as the favorite in D1.  State leading times in all three relays says it all.  The Cardinal senior leadership continues to set the tone for the team and they delivered at Sectionals.

Arrowhead appears to be in a position to challenge, but again they need to win a relay or two and Sectionals indicated they have some work to do.  However, 4 breaststokers in scoring postion is a big plus.

After that, it's a wide open race. 

D2:  We really don't want to predict, as D2 is a wide open race.

Ok, quick take, Shorewood based on relays, however look at the psych sheets and do your own analysis.  This is a going to be fun to watch.

Do you're own exploring at wiaa.  Links below.  And comment if you have some things to share.