Sep 29 2021

WISCA Community -

At some point, we all knew this was going to happen. It was not a matter of if over the past couple of years, it was a matter of when.

Phil McDade is stepping down as the WISCA Blogger after 10 years.

Phil had run his own blog from 2008 to 2010 when the WISCA President at the time, Jason Verhelst, asked him to change direction and write for this organization on the newly created website.

During that time, Phil has never strayed from his core philosophy of making the site so that it was "focusing on the accomplishments of swimmers, supportive of swimming generally, and a positive source of information about high school swimming". 

His love for the sport and dedication to writing in great detail about our events has made the website fantastic.  His interview skills for the WebCast make my job as a host easy.

From a personal standpoint, this is a sad day for me.  Phil has been a great friend to me.  He has made me grow as President both by challenging me to be better and supporting me when I needed assistance.

What does this mean going forward?  In the short term, we are going to start posting results.  They should be coming out soon.  They will not have details but will have the meet results.  We are going to ask that you start sending results to going forward in PDF format. 

Phil, you have had a great 10-year run.  Thanks again for making the sport of swimming and diving better with your insights and commentary!